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  • Dulsadkar


    I write poetry and food-related articles | R&D Chef | Chef Consultant | Food culture enthusiast |

  • Hashem Sellat

    Hashem Sellat

    Software Engineer with a solid problem-solving background and passion in deep learning. https://www.linkedin.com/in/hashem-sellat/

  • Mike Casale

    Mike Casale

    AVM/Data Scientist | machine learning developer, start-ups, creating business intelligence tools and predictive analytics models. Climate action enthusiast.

  • Joseph Shaaban

    Joseph Shaaban

    Syrian proudly🇸🇾 | Studying Computers Engineering at Tishreen University🏛️ | interested in AI especially self-driving cars🖥

  • Aly Shmahell

    Aly Shmahell

    A Computer Scientist with a background in Computer Engineering, a tech enthusiast, and an open-source advocate. https://buymeacoff.ee/AlyShmahell

  • Alice Cunningham

    Alice Cunningham

    Creative. Copywriter. Blooming blogger. Breathwork enthusiast. Ghostwriter. Bohemian soul. Creative collaboration inquiries: Alicej@charter.net

  • Jim Mason

    Jim Mason

    Studies language, cognition, and humans as social animals

  • Robert Schmidt

    Robert Schmidt

    Agency CIO CA Food and Agriculture. I build bridges between business and technology. Views expressed are entirely my own. RTs are not endorsements.

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